Caring for your patients in Houston is your primary focus.  But medical billing and coding complications can eat up precious time, money and other resources. We can increase practice income by ten percent or more.  How, by letting our experienced billing staff turn your accounts receivables into income. You know those hard to get paid claims, let us work for you to get you paid.  When we look at new clients we often see the same problems.  AR over 120 days that is greater than ten percent with little follow-up.  The other problems, statements do not go out weekly, copays not collected at the time of service, the list goes on.   Put your staff’s productivity and your own time to better use, increase your healthcare organization’s efficiency while reigning in expenses. 1st Medical Billing® provides outsourced claims submission, patient billing, payment processing for physicians and medical providers in the Houston area.


Medical Billing Coding Houston


Expert Solutions in Houston for Your Medical Billing Challenges

Insurance company requirements and the complex landscape of coding claims plus the other numerous   medical billing challenges can be are a drag on your bottom line income. It’s not uncommon to spend excessive amounts of labor ironing out billing problems. Honestly, our services pay for themselves with higher income at a lower labor cost.  Unresolved errors and denied claims can also present significant delays in receiving compensation for the care your company provides to its patients. Thankfully, our menu of comprehensive, customizable billing services is precisely targeted to solve these and other challenges for your medical practice or healthcare company. Our professionals specialize in multiple aspects of medical billing, coding, claims submission and payments:

  • Accurate claims coding
  • Fast claims submission and timely follow-up
  • Detailed, comprehensive billing
  • Medicare MIPS reporting
  • EHR consulting

In addition to these key services, we can also help you move through the credentialing process with the insurance firms of your choice. With our assistance, you gain status as an in-network provider, allowing you to offer more services and better care to more patients.

Get Paid and Enhance Productivity

At 1st Medical Billing®, we put our expertise to work for small, medium and large healthcare organizations as well as physicians practicing in a wide range of specialties. We supply streamlined, comprehensive billing, insurance coding and revenue management tools that save your firm time and money as well as aid in receiving faster payments. Let us help your medical business by cutting back on frustrating, time-consuming and costly errors. For more information or a consultation, call our Dallas offices at (866) 701-1716.