EHR Software, Enhance Patient Care

EHR Software, Enhance Patient Care - 1st medical billing
  • Document Encounters Completely
  • Record Information More Quickly
  • Medical History in One Complete Record
  • Searchable Content
  • Track Drug Interactions and Allergies
  • Code Encounters to a Higher Level

Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) software provides secure access to patient records. With many advanced features, it eliminates common errors associated with misread prescriptions, missed drug allergies or drug interactions. The EHR software ensures that patient charts are updated and completed in a timely manner including labs, authorizations, radiology imaging, and referrals. It allows for more personal interaction, less time spent on paperwork and documentation by using our EHR software . It can give you real time access using a smart phone, PC tablet, or a laptop. Imagine having secured access to your patient medical records anytime, anywhere.

EHR Save Time, Avoid the Medicare Penalty

EHR Save Time, Avoid the Medicare Penalty - 1st medical billing
  • 2015 – 1% Medicare Payment Penalty
  • 2016 – 2% Medicare Payment Penalty
  • 2017 – 3% Medicare Payment Penalty
  • 2018 – Up to 4% Medicare Payment Penalty*
  • 2019 – Up to 5% Medicare Payment Penalty*

Do Medicare payments represent a significant portion of your income? Don’t delay and be subject to the penalties starting in 2015. Also, ‘Meaningful Use’ must be demonstrated over a period of ninety days so do not wait until the fourth quarter of 2015 to begin implementation. If you are not using EHR software, consider the time saving and the ability to document encounters more completely. * If less than seventy-five percent (75%) Eligible Professional (EP) provider participation.

EHR Features

EHR Features - 1st medical billing
  • User Friendly Design
  • Point & Click Templates
  • Designed by Physicians
  • 15 Year Track Record
  • Reliable Web Based Application

1st Medical Billing offers Electronic Health Record (EHR) software that allows medical professionals to save time and money, enabling physicians to better care for their patients.  Designed by physicians for physicians, our EHR has a fifteen year track record of enhancing patient care. It improves efficiency, increases profitability and helps medical offices stay current and compliant with healthcare industry requirements. Known for its user friendly design, our EHRs point and click templates are easily customized and easy to use. Our centralized patient medical record software and streamlined diagnostic and treatment processes allows physicians to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their patients full clinical experience, including appointment scheduling, office visits, labs, health maintenance, referrals, authorizations and medications.

EHR Consulting

1st Medical Billing offers EHR system consulting if your practice is unique and needs a more specialized EHR.  Is this your medical business’s first EHR?  Did you know that thirty percent (30%) of first time EHR adopters end up choosing another EHR after a period of less than a year. Reviewing a few EHR’s features, watching demonstrations online, comparing pricing, then making a choice may leave you with and expensive mistake. Choose the right EHR system the first time.  The wrong choice can leave you seeing fewer patients and costing you money. Let us help to ensure you make the correct EHR choice.

Custom EHR Practice Management Interface

Many EHR companies are new to billing software and attempt to offer a one size fits all EHR and billing solution. We realize you may have significant time invested in EHR training and implementation. If your current EHR is outstanding and exceeds your expectations we can interface our proven billing software with your current EHR. Let us complement your current EHR system with a superior billing system for optimum functionality and reporting.  It is all part of a 1st Medical Billing total software solution.