1st Medical Billing Serving Dallas

Medical Billing in Dallas can be a complex process. The medical field has become increasingly regulated over the past decade and it can be difficult for doctors and medical providers to receive proper reimbursement for medical services. Knowing what to pay can be confusing for patients and a headache to collect. Our affordable medical billing service serving Dallas goal is accurate and prompt payment.

Time consuming paperwork, expensive software, staff training, and lengthy phone calls all distract you and your staff from seeing your Dallas patients. End your medical billing frustration today. Let you and your staff focus on your patients and leave medical claims and patient billing to 1st Medical Billing. Let 1st Medical Billing serving Dallas help you with your medical billing needs.

Affordable medical billing for Dallas physicians and medical providers can become easier with 1st Medical Billing. One key to timely payment is accurate and prompt claim submission coupled with comprehensive follow-up. At 1st Medical Billing, we specialize in the details of medical billing and patient claims. Our expertise helps us to keep claim denials low resulting in faster payment with fewer days in AR.

At 1st Medical Billing, we can also help you getting credentialed with insurance companies. Applying to be an in-network provider in Dallas is an important step for a physicians and other health care professionals. We can help you navigate the process of becoming a “preferred” network doctor or provider that can lead to more patient referrals and more patients in your waiting room. Our staff at 1st Medical Billing can help you with tedious process of credentialing to include timely follow-up.

Let 1st Medical Billing focus on getting you paid, lower expenses, and increase productivity. We are committed to helping medical practices in Dallas. Call us at (866) 701-1716 or fill out the contact box to find out more about 1st Medical Billing and our services. Let us help you get paid, we do it every day.