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1st Medical Billing is a full service medical billing, coding and revenue management firm that employs experienced billing professionals using a proven process. We add value to your business with improved collections, accelerated payments, and a lower billing cost. In many cases we are able to increase client income significantly. How do we do it? We do it by making a commitment to make each claim pay.

medical billing and coding services

Accelerate & Improve Income

  • Claims spend fewer days in AR
  • What is your AR balance really costing you?

physician medical billing services

Lower Your Billing Cost

  • How much does your current billing cost?

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Increase Productivity

  • Focus on patient care, not the paperwork
  • See more patients with EHR

For Quality & Accurate Medical Billing Services

& Superior Results from the Top Medical Billing & Coding Company Make Us Your First Choice

When you employ a medical billing and coding company, you want a dependable and knowledgeable billing service that you can trust at a fair price. You want to focus on your patients and build your practice, without the distractions insurance companies present. Feel secure that your patient claims are being processed in an accurate, prompt, and consistent manner.

Keep more of the money you earn and let your staff focus on your patients. Make your practice more efficient by collecting in days not months. 1st Medical Billing is the answer to the increasingly difficult challenge of collecting insurance payments. Cumbersome paperwork, ever changing coding procedures, and lengthy phone calls all distract you and your staff from seeing patients. End your medical billing frustration today.

Let us help you focus on your patients and leave medical billing and patient claims to
1st Medical Billing®. We specialize in serving physicians and medical groups in Texas while setting the standard in medical billing. We are interested in long term clients where we are able to achieve superior results. We guarantee you won’t find an easier to use, faster or more accurate medical billing service.

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  • Our Menu of Services | How Can We Help

    At 1st Medical Billing® we are committed to receiving maximum reimbursement for your services. We want to make your medical practice more profitable. 1st Medical Billing® can help you capture the revenue and subsequent profits your practice is entitled. Here is just a sample of the services we offer:

    • Account Receivable Management
    • Coding & Coding Analysis
    • Comprehensive Claim Follow-Up
    • EHR Consulting
    • EHR Implementation
    • Individual Account Executive
    • Patient Balance Billing
    • Payment Posting
    • Management of Collections
    • Resolving Past Due Claims
    • Provider Credentialing

  • Improve Income | Fair Affordable Pricing

    Indicators that suggest problems with your billing include: a growing AR balance due to lack of claim follow up; claim data is not being entered daily; patient statements are not sent regularly; payment posting in error. In some cases, approximately one fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to: lack of follow-up; missed charges; or a consistent approach to billing medical claims. Is your practice among those receiving seventy-five percent of available billing revenue? Let 1st Medical Billing change this trend. The real cost of your billing includes claims that are unpaid. Let us analyze your billing cost. Contact us to find out what income you could be gaining by using 1st Medical Billing, you’ll be amazed. We charge a simple, low percentage fee based on the amount we collect on your behalf. We get paid only after you’ve been paid. Call us today.