Medical Billing Tune Up & the Nine Step 1st Medical Billing® Check List

Indicators that suggest problems with your billing include:

  • A growing AR balance;

  • Claim data is not entered daily;

  • Patient statements not sent regularly;

  • Payment posting in error.

In some cases, approximately one fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to: lack of follow-up; missed charges; or a consistent approach to billing medical claims. Is your practice among those receiving seventy-five percent of available billing revenue?


Here are nine ways to improve medical billing and maintaining financial health.

1) Patient Verification medical_billing_verify_patient_eligibility

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Medical Billing for Private Practices: Don’t You Want to Get Paid?

You know medical billing is a crucial part of your private practice, but why exactly, is it so vital? There are many reasons that all boil down to the same thing: it’s a matter of survival.

The majority of patients do not pay in full for private practice office visits with cash. Sure, some patients may pay copays by credit card before they leave your office but, in most cases, you must bill the individual’s insurance company for reimbursement for services ...

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